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Earth Hour

Why hello there!

Picture this: It’s dark outside. The family gathers in the freshly tidied living room.

No clutter, laundry or half-finished craft projects to be found. A scatter of brightly coloured cushions on the newly vacuumed rug near the fireplace. A cluster of beeswax candles of various heights softly glowing in the middle of the polished wooden coffee table. Your favourite handmade pottery platter is spread with apple slices, three kinds of cheese, hommous, crispy wafer crackers and seaweed rice cakes. Tall glasses of sparkling amber kombucha are glowing in the golden light.

The youngest has the honour of switching off the electric lights. A hush falls over the room. The flickering candle light casts a soft glow over innocent faces. Children snuggle into the worn leather couch under crocheted blankets. Hands reach out and are clasped by other hands. No-one speaks. No-one needs to. It’s the most comfortable silence. You wonder why you don’t do this every night.

This is Earth Hour.

Saturday 24th March 2018 from 8.30 to 9.30pm local time.

You are invited to switch off your lights (and all electrical devices) for one hour to show solidarity for, and reflect on, our precious Earth and natural environment.

Earth Hour is a global movement which started in Sydney in 2007. You can learn more about it here. Amazing things are happening.

It’s also a lovely way to slow down and reconnect with your precious people without the usual busy-ness and distractions of life.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing it every night.

Will you join in? Earth Hour is this Saturday 24th March from 8.30 to 9.30 pm.