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How To Make Sauerkraut

If you’ve ever wondered how to make sauerkraut this recipe is for you.  Sauerkraut is a traditional cultured vegetable dish that is very easy to make. The delicious sweet and tangy taste is created by the abundance of beneficial bacteria. Every spoonful is a powerful tonic for your digestive system.

Sauerkraut will keep in the fridge for up to nine months so it is an excellent way to use up a glut of vegetables from your garden.

Sauerkraut is delicious and goes beautifully with cold meats, roasts, in wraps or sandwhiches or just on it’s own.

In times gone by when every able-bodied person spent morning to dusk working in the fields, lunch and dinner was often a simple selection of cultured vegetables, bread and cold meat pulled straight out of the larder.

These days, not so many of us are working in the fields but we are working just the same, often longer hours and under more stressful conditions. Keep a jar of sauerkraut in your fridge to pull out for a simple and healthy addition to dinner on busy days when you might otherwise skimp on the vegetables.

Word Of Warning: If you have neglected your gut health for a while, been under stress or eating a poor diet you may experience mild flatulence when you first start eating cultured foods. This is normal. It is due to the prolifieration of good bugs in your digestive system and the removal of the unhealthy ones.  It will pass. Just eat a small amount to start with – say 1 or 2 tablespoons and gradually build up. However, cultured vegetables are so delicious so you may find you can’t stop eating them. In this case drink plenty of peppermint tea and your gassy symptoms will soon pass.

This recipe is lovely and sweet so it is perfect as an introduction to cultured vegetables especially for children.


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