Embrace Your Natural Beauty with our soaps, bath and body products inspired by nature and handmade just for you.

The Apple & Radish Story

Apple & Radish….the Journey So Far

Broken Hearted:
For the last few years my heart has been breaking to see so much waste and environmental destruction currently happening in the world.  Yours too? It feels like the whole world has gone insane sometimes, Yes?
Making Stuff:
So I started doing what I could for my own family to reduce waste and help make the world a better, less polluted place. To soothe my own heart and soul I started making stuff. Useful and practical and beautiful things. I still do. It makes me feel better. 
Like This:
I made Beeswax Wraps (a re-useable alternative to cling wrap), produce bags, upcycled aprons, washable make-up remover rounds and more…

And then this happened....

The Naturopath Came Back.

I also became obsessed with crafting natural soaps (did you know most commercial soap are made from palm oil - so sorry dear Orangutans - and sodium laurel sulfate - a chemical that is very bad for humans). I thought...this is crazy! We don't need to destroy entire eco-systems to make soap! I make soap with gorgeous natural butters and oils that are sourced sustainably and support small farmers, like shea butter, coconut and olive oil.

I also renewed my passion for natural body products and skin care items using my naturopathic background and science smarts…..but without the packaging and toxic chemicals you find in most commercial brands. Just natural goodness of essential oils, healing clays and yummy nut butters and oils.
Handmade Natural Soap

We Want Some!

I started making these things for my own family and wellbeing but the demand for my products was exploding. People around me were asking for them... so I decided to play shops!
Apple & Radish Opens For Business

The Apple & Radish Mission:

To create eco-friendly gifts and goodies that are as good for Mother Nature as they are for your body, soul and spirit. Made by hand. Filled with love.