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Washable Makeup Remover Rounds (Set of 14 Plus Washbag)

Washable Makeup Remover Rounds (Set of 14 Plus Washbag)

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Treat yourself to these soft cotton rounds to remove make-up or to apply toners or lotion in zero-waste eco style!

Each round is handmade with three layers of the softest and prettiest upcycled flannel fabrics. 

Each pack comes with 14 rounds and a drawstring washbag - also made by hand from upcycled lace or muslin. 

To Use:

Place your stack of fresh rounds on a bathroom shelf and hang the washbag from a hook or towel rail.

As you use each round simply pop it in the bag and when it's full, close the bag with a bow and place in the wash. Spread the rounds out on a flat surface for an hour or two to dry. (I use my dressing table)

When your lovely facial rounds are fresh and clean....simply repeat!

No waste. Simple and delightful to use.

Fabrics are subject to change as they are made from upcycled and reclaimed fabrics. Message me if you'd like to see what's currently available or let me surprise you!