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Fragrance Pillows

Fragrance Pillows

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There's something magical about these little scented pillows.

Perhaps it's because they fit in your hand and are so comforting to hold. Or is it the beautiful fragrance of pure essential oils they emit or is it their sweet handmade simplicity? 

They will leave a fresh and lovely fragrance in any space. Best of all, they do not contain any fake chemical fragrances which are very bad for us. Instead they are scented with pure essential oils for a natural and beneficial aroma. 

These darling little pillows can be used for so many different things.

  • Hang them in your wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling lovely. Cedarwood oil also helps to keep moths at bay.
  • Tuck several in your drawers for fresh smelling smalls and linens. 
  • Pop one in your car to banish funky smells. So much better than the artificial fragranced car smelly things you see everywhere. 
  • Use one as a key ring or bag tag to make travel time extra special. 
  • My daughter likes to carries one with her everywhere to sniff whenever she needs a boost of calm and reassurance. 

Made from cotton fabric in gorgeous prints with a ribbon to attach it to something. 

They measure approximately 8cm by 8cm (3 x 3 inches) with a 6cm (2.5 inch) folded  ribbon sewn in. 

Stuffed with soft padding and scented with a special blend of essential oils.

The current blend is - Clove, Cedarwood, Lavender and Sweet Orange. A relaxing, uplifting blend that also helps to banish mildew smells and deter moths. 

Over time as the essential oils are released, the scent will fade. Simply add a few drops of your favourite oils to refresh your wee pillow and keep using it anyway you wish. 

These make a great little gift for someone and especially yourself. Why not collect them all?