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Washable Snack Pouch - Apple & Radish

Washable Snack Pouch

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Take your crackers, bliss balls, nuts, biscuits or apple slices to school or work in style

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Use these handy little pouches instead of plastic zip lock bags and reduce plastic waste! 

These washable snack pouches can be used over and over again. Machine washable or simply wipe out the inside and leave open to dry.

Comprised of a cotton outer layer lined with food grade laminted fabric in stylish and funky prints - you'll be the envy of the lunch room. 

Approximately 15cm x 11cm envelope style pouch. 

To open, turn the top folded part inside out. 

To clean, simply wipe the inside and leave open to dry or machine wash in cold water. 

Great for kids lunch boxes, picnics or to pop into your handbag. 

These tick all the eco-friendly boxes. 

There are four prints to choose from. 

The outer fabric is 100% certified organic cotton too!

Reduce your household waste, save money and say no to single use plastic. Try these handmade snack pouches today.