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Handmade Shower Caps

Choose your 'forever' shower cap and make a statement in one of these cuties! Say goodbye to wearing flimsy plastic bags on your head and say hello to style, comfort and quality. 
  • Handmade on Tamborine Mountain, Australia
  • Double layered 
  • Cotton outer layer
  • Soft waterproof inner layer
  • Frilled edge to stop drips and leaks getting under and wetting your hair line
  • Adjustable elastic to get the perfect fit.
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Elastic is easy to replace so you get the most out of your shower cap
  • Designed to last!

Our handmade shower caps are double layered with a cotton outer and waterproof, BPA free, PUL lining (so you don't feel like you're wearing a plastic bag on your head).

The elastic is adjustable to fit you perfectly. So if your head is on the bigger side or smaller side - no problem!

Simply re-tie the elastic to suit your own individual and very beautiful head. No need to suffer with too tight elastic or too loose. Make it as comfy or snug as you like it in two seconds flat. No sewing required!

The elastic is encased inside the soft layers so it doesn't touch your skin and make it itchy.

The elastic is also easy to replace if it ever loses it's elasticity. Simply thread a new piece of elastic through the channel and tie a knot.

(In most other shower caps, the elastic is the first thing to go and is sewn in place making it difficult to replace and so the whole thing ends up in landfill. Such a waste! Not Apple & Radish shower caps though!

They are double layered with a cotton or linen outer layer and a waterproof inner layer. The frill along the edge ensures no sneaky drips get under the cap and ruin your blow dry with a damp hairline.

Our shower caps are made to last.

Choose from a variety of limited prints and designs. 

Everyone needs a decent shower cap! They also make excellent gifts. 

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