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Storyboek Shower Cap

Storyboek Shower Cap

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This handmade shower cap is double layered with a cotton outer in a swedish blue and red print and red waterproof lining.

  • Organic Cotton Outer Layer: pale blue, red and white in a swedish style design.
  • Inner Layer: Red waterproof PUL
  • Elastic is adjustable and removable
  • Machine washable

The lining is made with BPA free, PUL fabric. The soft side is against your head so you won't feel like you're wearing a plastic bag, and is super comfortable.

The elastic is left intentionally exposed and tied with a loose knot so you can easily adjust the fit by tightening or loosening it to fit you perfectly.

The design also makes it easy to (one day) replace the elastic should you ever need to. Simply thread a new piece of elastic through the channel and tie off. No sewing required!

Hang your shower cap on a hook or door knob to dry between uses.