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Our Story

Katrina MacAllan collecting eggs from her chickens.

Hi I'm Katrina MacAllan 

People often ask where the name - Apple & Radish - came from.

I tell them...from the garden of course! Because that's where I go to find peace and stillness in this crazy busy world. 

I am a mother of four, trained Naturopath, mindful maker, organic gardener and quirky peace seeker. 

Apple and Radish started as a blog several years ago about slowing down, the creative spirit in all of us, simple living, growing your own organic food etc etc. 

It was my happy place. But I knew my little blog wanted to be something more....

I could not stay in the refuge of my ever-expanding veggie patch all the time. I had to venture out to do things such as care for my family, drive them to school and such, go to the shops occasionally (urgghh).

Everywhere I looked people seem to be overwhelmed, anxious and not all that happy.

Then there is the waste problem.

All this plastic and waste!! What the hell people?? What are we doing to this gorgeous, stunning, sweet and abundant planet that gives us everything we need? Are we insane?

Plastic is choking our wild sea creatures, polluting our waterways.  Waste piles up in landfill, leaching goodness-knows-what into our soil. We demolish life sustaining rainforests, endanger entire species of precious animals so we can make potato chips and soap cheaper. 

I know you already know this, I'm preaching to the converted here and you don't need another crazy zealot jumping up and down about environmental issues. Just so you know, I don't often jump up and down, except when I'm dancing. Then I jump up and down quite vigorously. Not like a human pogo stick. In time to the music. I'm actually quite a good dancer so I've been told. 

Anyways...where were we? That's right.  I'm giving you the back story of Apple and Radish. 

Oh yes...So many of the people of this planet (us) seem to my eyes to be a bit kooky-la-la and stressed out annnnnnnd there's growing piles of plastic and stuff that these same people (us) throw away after using for a millisecond. For example to wrap our cucumber in (because God forbid the poor cucumber should cause even the slightest inconvenience, confusion or embarrassment to anybody by just hanging LOOSE! Look away children. Somebody cover that cucumber!).

Fear not, I am not a crazy zealot. Actually one of those adjectives may be true but I'm not sure which one....crazy or zealot. Perhaps they are both true but not usually at the same time? I really am working on inner peace and calm. Also fun! Fun is very important. 

Again I digress.....

Soooooo....I looked around at this crazy messy anxious world piled high with plastic waste and thought "What can I do?"  Yes I was blogging and growing happy vegetables and showing my children naked cucumbers but surely there was more I could do.

So I started making sweet beeswax wraps for my family.


"No more gladwrap in this house!" as I proudly posted a picture on Facebook of my eco-friendly prowess. I know. In hindsight I was probably being a bit show-offy and goody-two-shoes. 

Well even if I was....that started something. 

Orders came in thick and fast from friends and family for Beeswax Wraps. "We want some! Make some for me! Down with plastic! What do we want? Beeswax Wraps! When do we want them? Now! " 

Yeah...they didn't really say those last few things. I was off on an imaginary tangent again. They were much more polite and less riot mongering than I portray. More like...."Hey Katrina, I love your beeswax wraps! I'd love to buy some from you and also give some to my friends. Could you please make me four sets? No rush. Whenever you have time."

Weren't they sweet? 

So I did. My dear neighbour and local farmer who happens to have like a bazillion bee hives, gave me some beeswax. So that was awesome too. Local beeswax for the local people's wraps! I still use beeswax from Les's Bees. 

I also made soap. Minus the palm oil. Because we don't need to chop down rain-forests to stop ourselves from being stinky. And there are so many beautiful, nourishing, sustainable oils and butters that make way better soap anyway. Like shea butter. And olive oil. And cocoa butter and coconut. Of course all fair trade and sustainably sourced. 

Some kind of creative force took hold of my body and I kept making lots of things that I love and happily, other people love too! Like produce bags made from upcycled net curtains, flannel re-useable make-up remover rounds in their own wee wash bag, seedling starter packs, washable snack pouches and more!

Also my naturopathic skills came to the fore again as I indulged in creating the most delicious, natural and luxurious body products I could dream up....Like these Massage Bars and Lip Balms, Sugar Scrub Bars and Herbal Balm. Also a natural Deodorant and Bug Repellent Bar that work better than chemical versions. 

Lavender and Rose Geranium Lip Balm

Also Kombucha. I do make excellent kombucha. (But you have to come to the shop to buy that. It's too tricky to send in the mail.) 

So what could I do with all of these lovely things? 

Open a shop of course!

So the Apple & Radish shop was born on May 29th 2017.

We own a gorgeous building that is tucked away on a quiet street on Tamborine Mountain Queensland, Australia. It so happened to be vacant at the time.

The Apple and Radish Shop

That's the premises sorted.

(I let my husband Ian run his law practice from the same building. It's a quirky combo. Clients come through a handmade soap shop to see their solicitor. I know it sounds weird but it works for us and people LOVE it. By the way, if you need an excellent solicitor you should call Ian. He really is the best. And handsome too!) 

One of our daughters Harriet does homeschooling and so she is here with us everyday and helps run the Apple & Radish shop.  It's all part of her learning.....business, money, making, people etc...


This is Harriet at our stall at the 2017 Scarecrow Festival. She was a big help. We were busy!

Harriet MacAllan


We are having such fun. Everything we make is made with love. Our products are as good for the planet as they are for your body and soul. 

Here is our manifesto for extra reading pleasure and good feelings. 

I feel this is what Apple & Radish wanted to be all along. 

And here we are.

Please come in and stay awhile. We love that you are here. We know you love our planet too and we are glad.


Katrina and Harriet (and Ian, even though he is busy working on a very important legal document he still sends his love.)

PS: We are still getting this online shop sorted and uploaded with all our lovely things. If you know what you want and you can't see it yet....just send a message and we'll sort you out. 

PPS: Naked cucumber alert!

naked cucmbers