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Bamboo and Charcoal Premium Face Spa Bar

Bamboo and Charcoal Premium Face Spa Bar

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Treat your face to a proper deep clean and invigorate your senses with this luxury salt spa bar. 

This premium facial soap contains activated charcoal, which draws toxins and bacteria to the surface of the skin, to be gently scrubbed away with sea salt and bamboo powder embedded in the bar. 

It's loaded with extra coconut oil to give you extra moisturising and skin loving qualities too.

Pure essential oils of Peppermint and Tea Tree will uplift and clear the mind while providing antiseptic and antibacterial qualities for troubled skin. 

It come wrapped in a reuseable beeswax wrap making it perfect for travel. (Be sure to dry the bar before wrapping for a long lasting facial treat)

Our premuim salt spa bars are cured for a minimum of three months to give you an extra hard and long lasting bar with a luxurious creamy lather.

These make a perfect gift, especially for your men folk who secretly love a bit of pampering.

Limited number available due to the long cure time so get one while you can.