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Soap Pieces Lucky Dip Bag - Apple & Radish

Soap Pieces Lucky Dip Bag

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Do you like a surprise? Pick up a Lucky Dip bag. 

It has 200 grams of mixed soap. These are end pieces, samples or wonkily cut slices in various shapes, colours and essential oil scents. 

As these are considered 'seconds' due to their odd sizes and shapes, it means I don't have to throw away perfectly good soap so you are helping to reduce waste too when you purchase a Lucky Dip Bag.  

These are super fun as you never know what you are going to get. They are great for guest soaps and extras so you never run out and always have something different to try.

*Stock is limited so maximum two lucky dip bags per order.  

*Photographs show example contents only. Each bag is different. 


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