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Body Wrap Heat Bag by Bunny Bags

Body Wrap Heat Bag by Bunny Bags

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When you have tummy cramps or lower back pain but you have to get on with your day, use this body wrap heat bag.

It wraps around your waist and is securely and comfortable held in place with velcro. It's adjustable fit means it suits all sizes and keeps you comfortable without having to lie down to hold a heat bag against your body. . 

The heat bag can be worn at the front against your abdomen or at the back for when you need natural relief for your lower back.

Great for period pain, tummy pain, lower back pain, hip pain. 

They are lovingly handmade on Tamborine Mountain with 100% cotton textiles in a range of stylish designs. 

They are filled with Australian grown lupin - not wheat - so they are great for people with wheat allergies. Also lupin is odour free, does not absorb moisture and retains it's heat for longer

  • Lovingly handmade on Tamborine Mountain.
  • Stylish and durable 100% cotton textiles.
  • Backed with cotton corduroy for softness.
  • Long velcro backed straps to hold the body wrap securely in the just the right spot. 
  • Measures approx 47cm x 19cm
  • Weighs approx 900g
  • Filled with 100% Australian Lupin for greater heat retention.
  • Using lupin means these heat bags are suitable for those with wheat allergies. 
  • Sectioned sewn for greater heat distribution.
  • Contour designed for extra comfort.
  • Infused with dried Lavender flowers to aid in relaxation and sleep. 
  • Unscented designs available too.
  • Can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer depending on your needs and preference. 

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