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Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish - Apple & Radish

Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish

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These handmade ceramic soap dishes are the perfect addition to your bathroom. They are designed to suit our largest soap bars and help them to last longer by draining away any water residue, keeping your soap drier between each use.

They are also extremely beautiful. 😀 


  • Handmade by a Tamborine Mountain Ceramicist - Jenny Radley of Radley House
  • White ceramic base with an embossed centre piece.
  • Decorative center piece is raised to keep your soap above any water residue.
  • Drain holes to keep your soap dry
  • Helps to extend the life of your soap by keeping it dry in between uses. 
  • They come in different colours and patterns.
  • Each soap dish is slightly different and unique because they are made individually by hand in small batches.


*As these are made individually by hand, the patterns and placement of holes may differ slightly from those pictured.