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Liquid Soap - Lemon Myrtle - 1 Litre - Apple & Radish

Liquid Soap - Lemon Myrtle - 1 Litre

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For those who prefer a liquid soap over a solid bar of soap here it is....Handmade liquid soap that you can use as body wash in the shower or in a pump bottle for hand washing at the sink.

I make it from scratch using olive oil as the base. It's kind and gentle to your skin and is enriched with pure Lemon Myrtle essential oil for a light, refreshing and  scent. 

It comes in a 1 litre bottle (which are upcycled bottles that I receive my Rose Water in 😀💜 - Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!). If you are local you can bring in the same bottle to be refilled once this lot runs out. 

Lemon Myrtle liquid soap is very handy to have and great for everyday use for the whole family.