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Plantable Gift Tags

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Do you love giving beautiful gifts but feel guilty about all the waste of the wrappings and tags as they go straight to the rubbish?

Well don't you worry about that anymore because now we have a zero waste solution to your gift tags - Handmade Plantable Gift Tags!

These tick so many boxes your pen will run dry from ticking them off!

First....these gift tags are handmade. Tick!

Second....from recycled paper. Tick!

Third....they are completely biodegradeable. Tick!

Fourth....They have real live seeds embedded in them so when you plant them they will grow! Tick! Tick! Tick!

Ok. So here's how they work....

Write on them as you would any normal gift tag...'Dear so-and-so, Happy Birthday, You rock....etc..etc...' and attach to your gift (preferably wrapped in re-useable wrapping or furoshiki style).

After the recipient has opened their present and oohed and ahhed and showered you in thanks...they can then press the gift tag into damp soil (either in a pot or in the garden) and keep moist. After one to three weeks seedlings will appear and plants will grow!

Each gift tag comes with it's own instructions so your friend will know what to do. 

Each set contains six gift tags. A set of gift tags makes a lovely present just on its own too!

Good Bug Mix

These pink heart shaped gift tags contain a mixture of cottage garden seeds called 'Good Bug Mix'.

A  collection of herbs and flowers such as marigold, calendula, coriander, sweet alice, bay's breath, lucerne and clover that attract good bugs to your garden including bees, lady beetles, hover flies and tiny wasps. 

The good bugs help control pests and improve pollination of your other plants. The flowers produce nectar and pollen which feeds the good bugs and allows them to reproduce and live longer. Best planted as part of a cottage garden, in the vegetable garden as a 'biological island' or near fruit trees to encourage pollination of fruit. 

*Unfortunately these cannot be sent to Tasmania.