Red and White Spots Shower Cap

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Make the most of your new hair-do by tucking it safely in this cute shower cap. You'll be keeping your hair dry and  looking fabulous for longer plus making quite the statement!

Red and white spots with white lining. One available only.

This double-layered shower cap has a cotton outer layer and a waterproof, BPA free, PUL inner layer to keep your hair dry as a chip without feeling like you're wearing a plastic bag on your head.

Our shower caps are handmade and made to last.

They are extra roomy to accomodate the longest, thickest or elaborate hair-style.

The frilled edge keeps drips from sneaking under and leaving you with a damp hairline. Also great to use while applying face masks and treatments so that they don't mess up your hair. 

The elastic has been left intentionally tied in a knot and sticking out so that you can adjust your shower cap to fit you perfectly. Simply tie the elastic tighter or looser to fit (or leave as is), trim the ends and tuck them in and voila! A custom fitted shower cap. No sewing required!

100% handmade in Australia using upcycled and/or reclaimed fabric. (The PUL lining is new fabric). There is only one available in this fabric.