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Reusable Produce Bags - Set of 3 - Apple & Radish

Reusable Produce Bags - Set of 3

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Don't believe those rascals when they say those plastic fruit and veg bags are eco-friendly because they are 'degradable'. That just means the plastic breaks down into tiny plastic particles - they don't biodegrade - (break down into natural earth-friendly compounds)

And those bags on a roll are so annoying anyway, aren't they? How many times have you stood there in the produce aisles trying to get a flimsy bag off the roll and then rubbed and blown on it to find the open end. Sometimes giving up in frustration throwing it down amongst the mandarins (maybe someone else can figure how to open the damn thing!) and tried again with another one. 

Let's try something different and much better altogether!

Reuse-able Produce Bags!

Handmade in our studio from upcycled net curtains, they are super light and see-through so the checkout operator can easily tell which kind of apples are in there.

With a button and ribbon drawstring closure so your apples won't fall out and roll around your trolley getting bruised. 

They are also very pretty! Which is important in produce bags. People don't realise it yet. You'll be the trendsetter!

They come in a set of three - Large (for your potatoes, onions etc) , Medium (for your apples, oranges, broccoli) and Small (for your beans and such). 

They are strong, lightweight and durable. They fold down to nothing. Keep a couple in your handbag for when you pop into the supermarket to grab a few bits and pieces. 

** Please note: The picture is a guide only to the fabric. Your bags may look different to what is pictured. The sizes will be the same but the fabric may vary.

As they are made from reclaimed and upcycled fabrics, each set is unique. Fabrics and ribbons may change depending on what's available at the time.

If you wish to discuss your fabric/colour choice please send me a message when you order. I am happy to discuss fabrics with you.

Otherwise, rest assured that you will receive beautiful handmade produce bags in wonderful upcycled net curtain fabric and they'll be a delight to use.**

Reusable produce bags are another step toward creating a plastic free world and protecting our oceans and soil. Hooray!