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Washable Bowl Covers - Set of Three

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A must have item in your quest to reduce plastic waste. These bowl covers are super handy. You'll reach for them again and again to cover plates, bowls and leftovers with ease and zero-waste!

Plus they are extremely beautiful! Made that way on purpose because being a zero-waste hero doesn't mean you have to live like a spartan. You deserve to be surrounded with lovely things that spark joy in you.

And the girls from Book Club will ooh and ahhh over your fancy new bowl covers.  

So what are they exactly?

Outer cotton layer in beautiful prints.

Inner PUL layer - BPA free, food safe and non-toxic laminated fabric to make them waterproof and keep your food from drying out. 

Elastic in a casing around the edge. 

Each set contains THREE bowl covers.

Large Bowl Cover: approx 30 cm diameter

Medium Bowl Cover: approx 21m diameter

Small Bowl Cover: approx 18cm diameter

(These sizes are aporoximate and very forgiving. They can be stretched to fit slightly larger bowl sizes)

Machine washable. 

These make a stunning, practical and eco-friendly gift!